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AirSync automates the comparison of 3D Scans vs 3D models.


Manual construction verification is



Due to manual measurements and visual comparison which are prone to human errors.


Because random sampling makes it impossible to verify every inch of the construction space.


Inaccurate and time consuming verification incur costs for your construction projects.



I need to verify 3D model before renovation.

Inaccurate 3D buildings baseline models for renovation incur failure costs when additions does not fit in existing space during construction realisation phase.

Current process involves manual visual comparison of 3D building models against a 3D scan of the building.

Verification of 3D buildings baseline models prior to renovation saves projects 10-25% of budget.


Process: Renovating a museum


3D Scan

Surveyor takes a 3D scan of the museum.

3D Model

Architect takes the 3D scan as a reference to create a 3D model.

Verify Model

He manually compares the differences between the scan and the model and spots for errors.

This process takes up 20% of his time and only covers 10% of any visual errors.

AirSync automates this comparison process.

Design & Build

Architect can now work with an accurate model of the museum with less time needed.



I need to verify my built for PPVC (prefab / modular) construction.

Out-of-tolerance prefabricated components incur failure costs of shipping faulty components and time penalty to fix them on-site.

Current process involves manual inspection using measuring ribbons which is incomplete and prone to human error.

Verification of Prefab built components prior to shipping saves shipping costs and time.



I need to verify my built for conventional (on-site) construction

Missed deviations in on-site construction incur maintenance costs during the 10-20 years of warranty period.

Current process involves manual inspection and random sampling that results in missed errors undetected by human inspector.

Verification of as-built prior to handover saves maintenance costs.


Airsync features


Faster verification

Means you spend less time on mundane and manual processes.

3D area space checked

You'll never miss out on costly construction errors.

with existing systems

Get AirSync up and running with short lead times.


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