Reduce errors, achieve accurate models

Adopting modern technology to build smart and efficiently while simultaneously ensuring quality and coverage

“Airsquire is supporting our digital twin vision on the cloud ensuring that accurate quality model data is easily accessible.”      Ruud van der M. , BIM Director

“Airsquire is supporting our digital twin vision on the cloud ensuring that accurate quality model data is easily accessible.”

Ruud van der M. , BIM Director

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  • Large number of critical projects

    requiring accurate 3D as-built models

  • Manual verification needed for huge

    amount of datasets is time consuming

    and unproductive.

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  • Scan-to-model verification

    automates sections of quality

    assurance workflow

  • Deviation report documentation

  • Collaborative issues resolution

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  • Speed - 10X faster verification

  • Quality - 100% coverage

  • Increased accuracy to identify


  • User Experience - Simple


Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam is the engineer expert behind Amsterdam city’s bustling infrastructure. They have expertise in civil engineering, water and road engineering. Around the clock as the city lives, thrives and sleeps, Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam keeps the city running and in order by performing major maintenance on streets, bridges, and public lightings. Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam helps Amsterdam achieve a prominent position amongst the top European cities.


Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam constructs and maintains thousands of bridges that gives fame to the scenic Amsterdam city. These bridges undergo strict inspection and maintenance periodically. A significant number of these bridges require critical A&A (additional and alteration) work and as part of the tendering process, submissions of 3D BIM models and 3D as-built scans are required.

The BIM department needs to verify that the 3D BIM models received are accurate as per the as-built scans commissioned for the purpose of reducing failure costs during renovation. This can be a rather tedious task that needs to be repeated multiple times per model. Due to the large size of 3D bridge datasets and the sheer number of submissions, Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam found it a challenge to keep up with the verification efforts. Furthermore, verifications are highly subjected to human error as such works are executed manually.


Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam partnered with Airsquire to pilot Airsync as a future-proof solution on the cloud to enable the verification of large infrastructure 3D models. This supports Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam’s digital twin vision by improving the speed of verification of it’s BIM team, detecting critical errors and deviations early in order to reduce failure costs, and ensuring that all submissions are of high quality.


With Airsync, Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam’s BIM team was able to analyze the accuracy of the as-built BIM model of a bridge. Within less than 1 hour, Airsync detected the following:

● 50% of the models analyzed were good (within a strict tolerance limit set of 23mm)

● 38% of models were moderately good (minor adjustments needed)

● 10% of models needed better scans

● 2% of models were out of tolerance (major adjustments needed)

The results allowed the BIM team to quickly identify and uncover both critical and non-critical deviations across a large space, and focus on the critical deviations. This improved the quality of 3D BIM models used in submissions and tender process.

The BIM team was also impressed at the simplicity of Airsync, that reduced 3D modellers mundane manual comparison work, and provide a happier overall work experience.

Airsync helps our 3D modellers automate the mundane work, so they can focus on more intelligent and enjoyable design work.

Ruud van der M., BIM Director