Higher productivity, lower cost

Applying automation technology to assist humans to boost productivity and focus on the right issues

“ There are so many 3D model elements to verify. Airsqquire helps us cut through the big data problem and focus on the right issues.”      John A., Managing Director

“ There are so many 3D model elements to verify. Airsqquire helps us cut through the big data problem and focus on the right issues.”

John A., Managing Director

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  • Current verification process is manual and time-consuming

  • High labor costs incurred

  • Model quality subjected to the risks of human error

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  • Scan-to-model verification

  • Deviation report documentation

  • Collaborative issues resolution

  • Partial automation of quality assurance workflow

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  • Speed: 10x faster verification

  • Quality: 100% coverage

  • Simplification of tedious manual verification methods


Established more than 25 years ago, MSA Survey has garnered a reputable name in providing tailored 3D models and surveys in the AEC industry. Their approach is designed to provide flexibility and customization in the scope of works, speed and the highest level of accuracy.


For many years, MSA Survey has been manually conducting verifications, which requires a BIM modeller to visually compare the original BIM model with the as-built structural scan. This quality assurance process is meant to maintain the high quality of model output.

MSA found this to be a labor intensive, time-consuming process, and depending on the project size, it can take up to a few days to several weeks to complete. Furthermore, not 100% of the model can be covered because it is too data-intensive. This process of manually checking was both cost and time inefficient, while still not guaranteeing the model was completely free of human errors, emissions and misinterpretations. Thus, it can be concluded that manual verification of models is a contributing factor to hindering project completion, impacting productivity levels and contributing to increased internal quality assurance costs.


MSA partnered with Airsquire for its automated verification services driven by cutting edge AI technology to assist MSA’s BIM modellers to be more productive and to quality check models in significantly less time. MSA adopted Airsync in its internal quality assurance workflow, replacing the old manual verification process. BIM modellers now utilize Airsync to assist them to identify any possible inconsistencies in their models which contributes to improving the quality and reliability of the models.


Airsquire trained five MSA modelers to use Airsync to assist in their scan-to-model verification workflow. The results were impressive. Rather than spending days behind a computer screen and tediously comparing models against scans for quality assurance purposes, MSA modelers can now do the same work but within hours!

With Airsync, it takes 10X less time to verify results.

The significant time saved now allows MSA to focus resources on generating BIM models without compromising their high-quality output because Airsync ensures quality assurance with 100% coverage with 90% - 95% cost savings. Airsync is used to enhance their BIM services and maintain their presence at the forefront of their industry. Furthermore, it enables MSA to extend their validation services, further marking their presence as market leaders.

The team is very impressed with Airsquire. The layout, functionality and navigation is very good.

John A., Managing Director